My journey to becoming an Intuitive Healer

At the beginning of my journey I was the mother of two children, and a stay at home mom who just couldn’t seem to find her niche. I had spent my entire life knowing that I was meant to teach and help people heal; but I just couldn’t seem to find the right career or educational path. I left college before graduating as an art and psych major, thinking that I would go back when the time was right. That time never came. I wasn’t discontent though, because I knew something big was on the horizon.

For months I had been going through an awakening. When it first began, I had no clue what was happening; only that whatever was taking place was a pivotal moment for me.

Then, all of the pieces started to fit together. As always, I started my research and went into my: learn as much as possible as quickly as possible mode. I read every book, article and blog I could find on spirituality. Focusing more on the metaphysical aspects. However, I was reading things that I had already learned about ten plus years prior to this moment. (At that time I didn’t realize that Spirit was refreshing my memory, and bringing me back to who I was back then).

So there I was lying in bed one night not knowing what to do with my career life….I called on my Spirit Guides to help lead me in the right direction. Within seconds of asking for assistance, I received the image of an older woman’s hands over the stomach of another person. I was awestruck! I knew at that moment I was supposed to be an energy healer. Now my dilemma was: I had no knowledge of what the credentials for that were, or if I was even capable of doing it. You see, I thought that I had to be psychic to offer that kind of work. Psychic was one thing I definitely was not; or so I thought.

The next morning I scoured the Internet looking for healing modalities; and that is when I found Reiki. After locating a Reiki Master, I was well on my way to becoming the healer I was meant to be. Now here is where it got interesting and became so much more than I ever expected.

The Reiki Master I found also offers psychic and mediumship development classes. Within a month I found myself driving to a mediumship development class. The drive there was full of self-doubt, and a good amount of “What are you thinking? You’re not capable of this. Do you know how embarrassed you’re going to be when you can’t provide any messages for these people!?” I finally got to the class, but couldn’t shake my ego that refused to take a back seat. Even though I was more nervous than I had ever been, there was this underlying calm throughout my mind, body and heart; and a ton of excitement! When we got to the point in class where it was time to give messages, I sat down in my group and my heart started racing and I couldn’t catch my breath…then I realized this is not mine! I mentioned what I was feeling, and it was actually the symptoms someone’s father had upon his passing. After sharing what I was feeling, there was no stopping me. I gave multiple messages to five people that night. I left there feeling a sense of bliss that I had never felt before.

On the way home that night I couldn’t stop smiling. I found my niche! I finally get to help people heal. Not much time passed before I realized that I had been doing this since I was a child. All the while I thought I was just a weird kid, with fantastical stories and too much wisdom and knowledge for my age. I’m sure I was weird, but the rest was all Spirit. Now I had the biggest learning curve of all ahead of me.

It was time for me to relearn how to receive and give messages for those who needed them. I have spent much time doing just that. I continue to learn a new meaning from the messages I receive for my clients, friends or even myself. To this day I am still learning, growing and healing myself.

That is actually the beautiful part about my career. I get to continue this life long pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and above all a greater connection to Source Energy and my authentic self.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you have.

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What are affirmations, and how do they work?

The definition of affirmation: the action or process of affirming something.

Affirmations are positive words, sentences and/or paragraphs that are used to define and manifest a specific goal or desire. Such as the one in the image below:


A Sunset on a Texas Farm
Sounds easy right!? Well, that’s because it is easy. This is the simplest form of informing the Universe of what you want, need and desire. While speaking an affirmation is simple; much more is taking place with this process. In this blog I will briefly mention the basics of what is taking place when we use affirmations.

Using semantics to create change. How do
affirmations work on a physical, mental and emotional level?

  • The words spoken create a change in our conscious mind, as well as our subconscious mind
  • We become motivated to start living the affirmation
  • Repeating these phrases/sentences/words allow us to believe in them
  • Our thoughts become based on positive foundations vs negative
  • Our ego begins to take on a new, more loving and positive personality

Using our words to shift Life Force Energy.How do
affirmations work on an energetic (metaphysical/spiritual) level?

  • Everything is made up of energy, therefore all things are effected by our words and thoughts
  • We raise our vibration to a level that matches what we want, need and desire
  • Healing occurs
  • Our body, mind, heart and spirit begin to clear  blockages that kept us from receiving
  • We get closer to becoming our authentic self
  • We help to raise the vibration of the planet, our family and friends

I understand this blog is brief; if you would like more information on any of the above please do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

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